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Fun fact about me: I hate courses...

Don't get me wrong - courses have their time and place. A course by a great guy and mentor got me started in my PPC / Paid Media career.

But what about keeping the job and advancing in your career? What about getting clients on the side to build a 6-figure salary? What about managing clients? Transitioning fully into freelance work? Improving communication skills? What about scaling accounts profitably? What about mentorship and support? Community?

Yeah... Didn't have any of that.

Funny story is that I almost got fired from my first job at a pretty well known agency in New York. I failed initially with freelancing, too. But after 3 years, after spending over 10k in courses (I'll be giving you access to all of those courses BTW), I finally hired a coach.

Several coaches actually. A business coach, a marketing coach, a communications coach and life coach.

Dropped serious cash for that investment but that's when things started to change. 5 years later, I'm now in the 30k - 40k monthly income range.

Personalized Training and Mentorship is the Wave

When it comes to marketing, cookie cutter strategies don't work. Rigid strategies don't pay attention to the particular nuances of the business and don't take into account the business's goals and unique landscape.

Same thing applies when it comes to courses. A course isn't going to take the time to understand your unique goals, your personal challenges, or give you personalized strategies to close clients and nab jobs.

Apply Now to Level Up Your Skills in Paid Media With 1-on-1 Coaching (Just 2 Spots Available)

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Imagine this...

🤑 What if you could build a fulfilling & future-proof career in Digital Marketing?

  1. Get Specialize in Paid Media (Google Ads & Facebook Ads) and Command Top Dollar Jobs & Clients
  2. Get Access to all of My Purchased Courses, Templates and Processes With Personalized Support
  3. Get Mindset Training and Clarity on What to Topics to Buckle Down on
  4. Learn how to position yourself, so you get the recruiters and prospects you deserve in your inbox

Apply Now to Level Up Your Skills in Paid Media With 1-on-1 Coaching (Just 2 Spots Available... but seriously though. No fake scarcity BS here.)

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Johanna Rendon

"Cynthia is an excellent Paid Media Coach to work with 1 on 1 if you want to level up in your career. Through her coaching program I was able to land my 1st paid freelance client!"
Marketing Assistant

Jacob Benavides

"I credit a good chunk of my success to the information and guidance she’s instilled in me and can’t rave about her and her expertise in business and digital marketing enough."
what Clients SAY

"Cynthia is an excellent Paid Media Coach to work with 1 on 1 if you want to level up in your career! She has taught me so much when it comes to Digital Marketing and feeling confident in myself.

She's fully dedicated to ensuring you meet your personal and career goals... Through her coaching program I was able to land my 1st paid freelance client!"

Johanna Rendon
Paid Media Analyst

"Cynthia consulted me on advanced growth marketing strategies and processes for improving my freelance business.

...I saw immediate impact from her recommendations!"



Victor Pazmino
Paid Search Specialist at Youtech

"Cynthia is an incredibly genuine person and amazing coach who truly cares about your growth as a professional and person.

The coaching program I’m in has helped me out a lot with my mindset and how to actually utilize the concepts I learned with Google and Facebook ads. I’m not just going through courses, I’m putting that stuff to use. I even get to work with a real client to solidify and improve my skills.

Cynthia is not cultivating cogs to work in a factory of ordinary marketers, she’s creating and enabling actual leaders to go out and do their own thing.

I think confidence can be an issue for a lot of people including myself, but when you have a coach who gives you the tools and strategies to succeed, it’s hard to feel too afraid."
Peter ma, Paid media strategist
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So, What Exactly is Included in This Exclusive Paid Media Coaching Program?


Real, Hands on Experience With Client Accounts

Experience. It's what every job and prospect asks for. Well... that will no longer be a pain point because we'll be pretty hands on in my 7-figure revenue client accounts.


Unlimited Support Via Email and Access To My Community

When I say I have your back, I really mean it. I work hard to put you on to opportunities that come my way. I'll also introduce you to my community, and other high achievers in this industry.


1-on-1 Mentorship Sessions With Me Bi-Weekly For 10 Weeks

Mentorship is everything. You no longer have to navigate all this information alone. We'll meet bi-weekly to overcome any bottle necks and role play client interactions or job interviews.


Step by Step Modules Breaking Down The Ins and Outs of Google Ads & Facebook

You'll learn advanced strategies for building, scaling and optimizing campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads - Both my personal strategies and agency best practices.

Get All The Gems 💎

Check out all the goodies jam packed into this one-of-a-kind program.
Google Ads

Learn How to Build, Scale & Optimize Campaigns

Learn different techniques in building, scaling and optimizing campaigns for optimal performance in real time with real accounts spending over 50k.

Advanced Optimization and Troubleshooting Techniques

Learn how to optimize accounts the right why and troubleshoot poorly performing campaigns.

Advanced Formulas, Calculations and Templates

Get lifetime access to my never ending library of calculations, templates and formula to impress and wow clients and employers.

Advanced Google Shopping Set-up & Strategies

Learn the ins & outs of Google Shopping, from start to finish.
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads from A-Z

We'll crash through from Facebook Ads 101 to more advanced Facebook Ads practices using CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization).

Tools and Training Library

You'll have lifetime access to my ever growing vault of templates and formulas I use to wow my clients and scale campaigns.

Learn The Framework for Winning Ads

UGC, Video Ads, Static ads, Carousel ads, Collection ads... you'll get the ins and out of how to create and test ad creatives for optimal performance.

Audit & Troubleshoot Accounts Like a Pro

Learn how to audit and troubleshoot Facebook Ads accounts to set yourself up for success both in the account and with your client.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

We'll meet 1-on-1 bi-weekly to ensure you're on track and not snagged on any bottlenecks.

Genuine 24/7 Support

I work with people I like to genuinely encourage you to push yourself to heights. I'll be available via email whenever you need it during our program. Plus, I've been there.

Mental Roadblocks

Building a career and business requires discipline and energy you might have never had the chance to build yet. We'll work to build that and keep you on task with proper project management techniques.

Real World Experience

You'll be working hands on in my accounts and I'll be encouraging you to work on freelance projects with my guidance as we go through the program.

Facebook Group With Likeminded Individuals

Immediately upon joining, I'll add you to my Facebook of kickass digital marketers working to level up their career and business.

Slack Channel For All Graduated Students

Once completed, I'll add you to the slack group of students who have also completed mentorship and are successfully working / freelancing in both PPC & SEO.

Learn The Systems

Learn all the systems and apps I use to sign on 3k+ monthly retainer clients and keeping them happy.

Freelancing Opportunities

Between opportunities that come my way that I can't take on and opportunities from other individuals from the groups joined... you'll open yourself up to dope opportunities.

Brand and Position Yourself

Throughout the program, I'll audit your social profiles, website and LinkedIn to position you to attract the recruiters and prospects you deserve.

On-Going Support

Opt in for on-going support with me personally or stay connected with other successful students to tackle any obstacles your way.

Say Goodbye to the Income Ceiling 👋

Everything you learn in this program will not only set you up to attain a job in the industry (if that is your goal) but also develop all the systems and processes I use to manage my own 6-figure paid media consultancy.
Position Yourself For Clients / Recruiters

I'll teach you the ins and outs of developing your own personal brand to have clients eventually come to you.

Onboard Clients Successfully

Use agency standard onboarding techniques, proposals and pricing strategies to ensure happy clients.

Develop Systems and Procedures to Scale

Get guidance on client communications techniques,  presentation templates along with my project management systems and procedures.

You No Longer Have to Figure This Out on Your Own.

This program is absolutely made for:

Frustrated Individuals Looking to Freelance by Learning a Specialized, High Income Skillset
Individuals Burnt Out From Countless Digital Marketing Courses Craving 1-on-1 Mentorship and Guidance
Freelancers / Small Business Owners Looking to Use Paid Media to Scale Their Business Through Paid Media
Program Director | Digital Marketing Strategist | NOT A MARKETING GURU

Who is Cynthia?

I stepped into the world of Digital Marketing 5 years ago, stumbling on a Digital Marketing Course created by Seth Hymes and Matt Tran.

At the time, I was working at a local print shop making a measly $11 an hour... depressed and at wits end.

So, I changed my life around and started working with award-winning PPC agencies based in NY. I started as a Junior Account Manager and worked my way up to managing enterprise-level accounts in about a year, managing well over 500k in spend.

I've earned my stripes working with renowned digital advertising agencies and industry leaders like Daymond John from ABC's Shark Tank, generating over 15 million in revenue through advertising campaigns for brands like Capital One, Atkins, The Shark Group, and more.

I'm now the founder and director of Cynthia is Marketing, a boutique advertising consultancy that partners with ambitious online businesses looking to scale their efforts with profitable, creative, and impactful paid media strategies.

I'm enjoying my freedom and coaching others along the way to achieve the same.

Apply To Work With Me Already :P
No risk involved

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you do all the work and you’re not happy with the outcome then you’ll get your money back. We are confident that you will create a perfect book template after reading our book, but this book is only for serious people, if you don't put in the work or you're not happy we will refund all of the money.

Got questions?
I got answers.

How long is this program?
When does it start?
How much does it cost?
What kind of results can you guarantee?
What happens after the 10 weeks?
You recommend working with a freelance client during the coaching. How would I find someone for that?

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